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Forthcoming Walks

Here are our walks for the next few weeks. Click or tap on the Map button in any walk to see an Ordnance Survey map of the area, or choose the Satellite button for an aerial view. In each case, a marker (usually red) shows the meeting point for the walk.

The yellow matchstick figure at the bottom right of the Satellite view, when dragged on to the map, will highlight most roads in blue. Release the figure over any highlighted road, to show street level photography at that point.

Each walk in the table has a SatNav entry, which is normally a postcode, but you do have some options regarding the way SatNav entries are shown, and the coloured markers in the views produced by the Map or Satellite buttons.

You can explore these choices, and learn more about the SatNav entry, in the Settings page. Here, you can also choose the town from which Driving time and distance are shown, at the bottom of each walk, or you can hide this information altogether if it is of no interest.

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