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Forthcoming Walks

Here are our walks for the next few weeks.  Click or tap on the OS Map button in any walk to see an Ordnance Survey map of the area, or choose the Satellite button for an aerial view.  In each case, a marker (usually red) shows the meeting point for the walk.

The yellow matchstick figure at the bottom right of the Satellite view, when dragged on to the map, will highlight most roads in blue.  Release the figure over any highlighted road, to show street level photography at that point.

The Grid Reference should take you to within two or three hundred feet of the start of the walk, but SatNav is only the location of the nearest postcode.  In country areas, this may be a home or business half a mile or more away from the walk starting point.  Where this happens, we may show "(too far away)" instead of a SatNav setting.

In Satellite view, if the place a SatNav postcode will take you to is going to be some way away from the meeting point, the marker for the walk start will be yellow instead of red, and there will be a further blue marker, showing the SatNav destination.  A click or a tap on the yellow marker will tell you more.

Some SatNavs, and many route-finding applications on smartphones or tablets, can take Latitude and Longitude instead of a postcode.  Each value has several figures, and the pair are not as easy to keep in mind as a postcode, but they do completely overcome the problem of the walk starting point being some way away from the nearest home or business.  You can use the following buttons to choose which SatNav settings are shown in the table.

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