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Corona Virus and its effects
on our current walks programme

Like many other organisations within the UK, we have had to close down some of our activities, and this situation will continue until government restrictions are lifted.

This page is intended to keep our members, and any other visitors to this website, informed, and it was last updated on Tuesday 5th January.

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Advice from HM Government

Here is the latest version of what you can and cannot do.

And here is the current advice on meeting people from outside your household.

Actions of the Committee during the closedown

We are still meeting, more often than usual, but now by video link from our homes, rather than in our usual face-to-face setting, and we have spent some time considering how and when we might be able to resume our activities. We will continue to update our members by e-mail using our Admin system, or via this website.

Club Position as of 5th January

Following the Prime Minister's television address on the evening of Monday 4th January, and in accordance with this Government document, all of our group walks are now cancelled until further notice.

The lockdown is expected to last until mid-February, so we have based our website on a possible date of Sunday 14th February, for resumption of our walks programme. We will change this date nearer the time, if necessary.

Although you are now expected to stay at home, there are exceptions. For example, you are still allowed to go out to buy food, and you can still go out for exercise once a day, within your local area, with your household or with one other person.

Walks in the Current Programme

Our members normally receive a printed programme of our walks twice a year, by post to their home address, arriving in March for the Summer season, and in September for the Winter season. In view of the present difficulty in planning walks up to six months ahead, we have decided not to produce our usual booklet for Winter 2020-2021, so an abridged version of our programme up until the end of March 2021 is given below. The start date for the listing will be either the first day after the end of the January lockdown, or today, whichever is the later.

You will very likely see some dates with incomplete information, where either a leader has not yet been found, or the leader who was previously scheduled is no longer available. These are the dates for which our Walks Co-ordinators will be very pleased to hear from you, if you are willing to lead a walk on that day. There's no need to delay choosing a date because you haven't yet decided where to start your walk from - we can come back to you for this later.

As any gaps in the programme are filled, the listing will be updated, usually within a day or two of any change becoming known. If you've offered to help and your details are not yet shown, try a page reload, which is the circular arrow in the header at the top of the page.

For full details of our walks for the next few weeks, including a map of the start point and driving information, please continue to see our Forthcoming Walks page, but please note that no walks will be shown there during any Corona Virus lockdown.

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