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Corona Virus
and the restarting of walks

Like many other organisations within the UK, we have had to close down some of our activities, and this situation will continue until government restrictions are lifted.

This page is intended to keep our members, and any other visitors to this website, informed, and it was last updated on Sunday 18th October.

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Advice from HM Government

Here is the latest version of what you can and cannot do.

And here is the current advice on meeting people from outside your household.

Actions of the Committee during the closedown

We are still meeting, more often than usual, but now by video link from our homes, rather than in our usual face-to-face setting, and we have spent some time considering how and when we might be able to resume our activities. We will continue to update our members by e-mail using our Admin system, or via this website.

Restarting of walks

A Walks, B Walks and Café walks have now restarted, in small groups - see important booking information below. C walks remain suspended, for the time being.

Since the numbers in a group will be limited, booking will be required for each walk. The walks will be advertised as usual on our Forthcoming Walks page, and a booking should be made in accordance with the instructions to be found within each walk entry. If the number of applications received is greater than the group size, then we may be able to have a second leader, leading either the same walk but at a different start time, or a completely different walk, starting somewhere else. Please note that if you have not booked, then we will be unable to take you on the walk.

While we normally welcome guest walkers such as relatives and friends of members, with a view to them maybe taking out membership at a later date, we cannot continue this practice while our group sizes are restricted by government regulations - it would hardly be fair if by having guest walkers in a group, we had to turn away other members of long standing. Anyone who wishes to take out membership during the present difficulties is still very welcome to do so, and will be on an equal footing with all other members, once we have received their £3 membership fee.

Please be understanding and patient with the walks co-ordinators and the leaders, as this is a new way of working for all of us. There should be no car sharing, unless within the same household or support bubble. Walks will be reasonably local to limit travelling, and to make physical distancing easier we will try, so far as possible, to avoid busy and congested areas, and narrow footpaths.

You may want to bring your own alcohol-based hand sanitiser, gloves, face covering (which would only be needed in the event of an emergency requiring car sharing) and first aid supplies. The walk leader may have a first aid kit, but for minor incidents it would be better to use your own.

If you develop any of the symptoms of Corona Virus in the days leading up to the walk, then please do not come on the walk. If you have already booked a place, then please let the walks co-ordinator know, so that your place can be offered to someone else.

Booking Information - Tuesday A Walks

This may vary from walk to walk, according to the leader's preference, so please see the walk entry, on the Forthcoming Walks page.

Booking Information - Wednesday and Sunday A Walks

By e-mail to Sarah, at sarah.buck1@btinternet.com. Members who have booked will be advised of their start time, no later than the day before the walk.

Booking Information - B Walks

By telephone to Allan or Vera, on 01626 333446, between 8pm and 9pm on the preceding Tuesday, for a Thursday walk, or between 8pm and 9pm on the preceding Friday, for a Sunday walk. If all of the places on the walk have already been filled when you call, we will try to offer you priority on a future walk. Please do not ring before 8pm, unless you have previously been given priority.

Booking Information - Café Walks

Please note that although a Café walk has always up until now included the opportunity to take refreshment after the walk, this option can no longer apply if there is to be more than one group of walkers, which we expect will be the case. If more than six people congregate at or near the Café after the walk, we could easily be regarded as breaching the legal limit of six people together in the same place at the same time. This now applies both outdoors and indoors, unless additional measures have been taken against the spread of Corona Virus, such as those adopted by our A Walks groups.

Booking is by telephone to Chris Bovey, on 01803 551815 or 07964 889249, at any reasonable time prior to the walk, when you will be given a start time for whichever group you are assigned to. Please note that the walk will end for each group, on their return to the starting point, and walkers will be expected to disperse before any following group has arrived. Anyone who does choose to visit the Café, must do so in their own capacity, and subject to any requirements of the Café owner, but not as a member of Newton Abbot Ramblers.