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Corona Virus

Like many other organisations within the UK, we have had to close down all of our activities, and they will remain closed until government restrictions are lifted.

This page is intended to keep our members, and any other visitors to this website, informed, and it was last updated on Monday 6th July.

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Advice from HM Government

Here is what you can and can't do, from Saturday 4th July.

And here is the current advice on meeting people from outside your household.

Actions of the Committee during the closedown

We are still meeting, more often than usual, but now by video link from our homes, rather than in our usual face-to-face setting, and we have spent some time considering how and when we might be able to resume our activities. We will continue to update our members by e-mail using our Admin system, or via this website.

Trial Resumption of A Walks

Our A Walks Co-Ordinator Sarah is organising a trial resumption of A walks for July, with walks revised on some dates, and a pre-booking system to organise walkers into groups of no more than six. The following will appear shortly as an e-mail to all members, and is reproduced here for the benefit of anyone who might not receive the e-mail.

As government restrictions are easing we've decided, at our recent committee meeting, to take the first steps towards restarting a walking programme. We're adopting a cautious and phased approach in which we all need to be flexible. To ensure we work within government guidelines we'll organise walks in different ways.

We intend to run a trial of Wednesday and Sunday “A” walks during July. The first will be on Wednesday 1 July to see how a new system might work. Tuesday and “B” walks will remain suspended for the present. Feedback from the trial, and changing Government guidance, will be used to decide the next steps.

The number of walkers on each walk will be limited to 5, plus the leader (ie six in total) and booking on each walk will be required. The walks will be advertised on the website and booking should be done with the walk co-ordinator at sarah.buck1@btinternet.com. If there are more than five members who want to walk we will try and have a second leader to lead the same walk, but at a different start time – you will be advised of your start time. Please note that you will not be allowed to join the walk if you have not booked. To stay within our insurance you must be a member of Newton Abbot Ramblers so at this stage guests will not be allowed.

Please be understanding and patient with walk leaders as this is a new way of working for all of us.

There should be no car sharing unless in the same household or social bubble. Walks will be reasonably local to limit travelling. To make physical distancing easier we will try, as far as possible, to avoid busy and congested areas and narrow footpaths.

You may want to bring your own alcohol-based hand sanitiser, gloves, face covering and first aid supplies. The walk leader will have a first aid kit, but for minor incidents it may be better to use your own.

Know Your Risk

Physicians from the Texas Medical Association have produced a chart, comparing the risks of various activities during the current difficulties. It is of course based on the situation in the States, where precautions against infection are different to those in the UK, but you might find it an interesting read.

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